Dhamma Kondanna

Vipassana International Meditation Centre

About Dhamma Kondanna

Dhamma Kondanna is located near Kondapur village, which is 12 km from Sangareddy junction and 6 km from Peddapur village.

Dhamma Kondanna is one of the many centres around the world dedicated to the practice of Vipassana meditation as taught by S. N. Goenka.

This Centre is situated in Kondapur village, which is 12 km from Sangareddy junction and 6 km from Peddapur village.  From Hyderabad, the centre is approximately 70 km far which usually takes one and half hours to reach.  Historically this place was known as Kondanya puram named after Koundinya, one of the first five disciples of the Buddha.  The archaeological department has done various surveys and in the excavations they discovered Bodhi Sathva idols and stupas along with carved footprints of the Buddha.  These are all exhibited in the archaeological museum in Kondapur village. In March 2005, in this same village an old student donated 10 acres of land for a meditation centre and 3 acres for Vipassana Prachar Samithi (now DK-2).  One day courses were run every sunday in a hut for 2 years and meanwhile a Dhamma hall to seat 50, Mini hall to seat 40, 16 single and 10 double rooms for 36 male students, 7 double rooms and 7 single rooms  and 4 dormitory rooms for 37 female students, AT rooms for male and female and Kitchen with dining halls were constructed over a period of time.  A pagoda with 46 cells is also available.  Now 40 new cells are being added.

The first 10-day course was for males and was conducted in April 2007. From February 2009 mixed courses were offered once a month.  Since 2014, two 10 day course a month and a Satipatthana course once a year is being conducted with a children course on the course ending day.

A new meditation centre, Dhamma Kondanna-2 (DK-2), has been constructed in the 3-acre land beside the main 10-acre campus. DK-2 is dedicated to conduct children courses (1- and 2-day), teenager courses (7-day), short adult courses (2 and 3-day) and workshops. In DK-2, the first teenager course was conducted in July 2022.


Vipassana International Meditation Centre — Dhamma Koṇdañña
Kondapur Via Sangareddy,
Telangana- 502306


Centre Manager

Mob. +91- 93979 79295

For Dhamma Kondanna -1  (DK-1) registration (10-day and Satipattana courses only)
Males: +91 93920 93799

Females: +91 9398316155

For Dhamma Kondanna -2 (DK-2) registration (Children, teenagers and short adult courses only)
Phone: +91 94408 01556